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THE GALISH GROUP: What makes us different!

We want to:

Be Sure everyone is compensated in relation to their contributions.

To align everyone's individual goals with the goals of the group. This way, we all strive for the same result.

At the foundation, it is about enabling you to help yourself, you are the only one in control, in charge, and accountable for your future.

To support balance in everyone's life. Family always comes before work, but not instead of work.

There is no ceiling on what you can achieve through pro-active hard work, smart work, and time commitment over a given period of time.

The Group should support, encourage and enable constant growth, both in business, and in life.

Everyone actively looks for ways to grow their own business, as well as helping others grow, for the good of the group.

We are all in business for ourselves, but not by ourselves. We want to work together, help each other, and mot of all learn from eachother.THE GALISH GROUP: What makes us different!

We have several partnership options, all designed to be a win-win.

Weather your looking to grow multiple locations into an empire, a captive agent looking for other markets, or looking to spend more time with the family by working from home, The Galish Group can help. Our design is different, and we are each growing our own future, and building our own book of business. We can be in control and on our own, yet have support of others when needed and can also work as a team. This is a new agency system where you can be in business for your self, but not by yourself.

Below are a few constants to all our win-win agreements:

-10% of premium on all new business and renewals (personal lines).
-Commercial is split 70% agent, 30% Galish Group.
-1099 pay monthly based on production of new business and renewals.

Individual must already have a valid state Insurance license for all products paid on. Must also have at least 12 months sales experience in the industry.

We provide
-Support and training in a group atmosphere where everyone has an interest in seeing everyone succeed.
-Top technology in comparative rating systems.
-Single entry runs all "name brand" companies.
-Drivers and VIN numbers pre-filled by system.
-Office space, or the ability to work from home, depending on production.
-State of the art agency management system, to track and grow your book of business.
-Name brand company contracts without minimum production requirements.
-Flexible work environment base on production, not presence.
-Galish Group e-mail address.
-Galish Group business cards after 10 policies.
-Galish Group phone with unlimited minutes after 100 polices.
-Office outings, trips, and a great sense of community.

We are the design of the future, if you are in the top 25% where you are now, maybe it's time to move up to a better way of doing business. Join The Galish Group, lets build a specific plan to help us all grow happy, healthy, and wealthy, together.

Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself, contact us today.


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