Commercial & Event Insurance

Commercial Insurance:

Nothing is more important than protecting the future, the continuation, and the cash flow of your own business, or the one that cuts your paycheck. If you're not currently getting detailed analysis and information from a broker who specializes in only commercial insurance, you're in the wrong place.

At The Galish Group, we have Commercial Specialists that know the details and the companies that can keep you in business, and running smoothly even during a catastrophic claim event. Protecting the business, large or small is everything to the owners and employees that work hard to keep it going, don't be in doubt about your coverage, or price.

Special Events, Festivals, Organizations & Everything else:
We can insure anything, and are proud to take on the challenges others are not. With our extensive network of products, companies and contacts we can match your unique needs with the best companies specializing in your exact risk.

When you're not a "cookie cutter", why use an agency that is?

Let our seasoned experts dive into your unique situation as only we can. Taking on what no one else can is our specialty. description here...


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