About Us

Wouldn't it be nice if someone would check lots of insurance companies for you? Wouldn't it be great if they would not only find the best rates, but the right coverage, from a name brand company? Could it be possible to talk to the same person that sold a policy months later when you have a question or a claim?

Well now it is!

A new way of taking care of all your insurance needs is here. When you call or e-mail The Galish Group, you will speak to your personal insurance advocate that will be by your side for the rest of your insurance life time.

With hundreds of top company relationships, we guide you through the maze, making sure all that you worked so hard to acquire is properly covered. With over 15 years’ experience we have found the perfect approach to obtaining and keeping 100% satisfied clients. Working with so many different companies, we can even re-run your policies with a push of a button, should you want to shop again.

By leveraging today’s technology we can bring you the best combination of coverage, service, and price available.

Let us introduce you to a new way of doing business, contact us today! 404-213-0007 or Glenn@GalishGroup.com